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Design and IP Creation
Product design development
Product Design

As a complete product design services provider, Implantaire has a team of highly talented design professionals. They have been working on end-to-end product development activities. Our team members are from different professional backgrounds like industrial, consumer, medical, and defence product development groups.

Implantaire has the following capabilities for a complete product design:





Design sketching by a designer
IP Creation

As it has been our philosophy to build value for clients, IP Creation and Management has been one of the key focus areas of Implantaire from the very beginning.

IP-CUT (Create Use Transfer)

IP-CAR (Create and Re-use)

IP-CIPP (Customer IP Protection)

Implantaire completely understands the value and sensitivity associated with product development and IP access provided by the clients. We use the following strategies to safeguard the IP of our clients.

Client Centric – Non Disclosure between Implantaire and the client

Employee Centric – Non Disclosure between Implantaire and the employee

Dedicated team for specific client projects

We confer to global IP Protection and Information Security Standards


In this model, the team at Implantaire strives to create unique Intellectual Property, which is then used to create products for the client. Once the products development and deployment is completed, the IP created during the process is transferred to the client, where Implantaire no longer has any confidential information in physical form or otherwise.


As it has been our constant endeavour to reduce costs, Implantaire uses this model. The team strives to create its own Intellectual Property which is then used to create products for multiple clients across domains. This methodology of delivery reduces a considerable amount of development time. Once the product development and deployment is completed, the IP created during the process is not transferred. It is then re-used for the benefit of other clients


Implantaire Technologies staff have formal qualifications in Intellectual Property Law and have considerable experience in advising clients on Intellectual Property issues relating to new product development. We can help undertake a specialist patent search to identify if your invention has the required degree of novelty and inventive step to be potentially patentable. We can undertake a patent analytics search using powerful commercial software to help identify the commercial opportunities for your invention. We can also assist in preparing a patent draft for filing through either your patent attorney or a leading patent attorney firm with whom we have a close working relationship.

When we work on any design project for a client, we make them aware of any inventive concepts which we believe could be patentable and even if these concepts were created by us, these will be assigned to the client as a part of the project IP Agreement.

In addition to patents, many of the projects which we work on can also be protected through the process of registered designs and we can also assist you in this field.

Additionally, we can help you with IP issues relating to offshore manufacture and Supply Chain IP Security, both of which are important considerations when moving manufacturing to a lower cost offshore environment.

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