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Over the past 18 years, the way we interact with the products has completely transformed.
Implantaire is a Solution Advisory & Product Design Company in India

“ We believe in change; we work with organizations worldwide to transform with our solutions advisory and product design. 

Our Services

We work as your partners and bring our best to realize the goals of our customers. Our solutions are the best manifestation of the requirements and goals of our customers. Our designs help our customers stand apart and being competitive.

Implantaire philosophy to build value for clients, IP creation and management focuses, Customer IP Protection by implantaire, create unique Intellectual Property for customer, create and reuse the implantaire IP for customers

Design and IP Creation

As it has been our philosophy to build value for clients, IP creation and management has by and large been one of the key focus areas of Implantaire from the very beginning.

Effectively address operational or performance issues with current application portfolio,,Achieve a higher degree of maintainability,,Alleviate licensing and support issues with the older technologies,,Improve user friendliness and portability of applications or tools,Reduce costs associated with maintaining old designs and the production

Product Lifecycle Management

Product re-engineering defines the new business goals, identifies and evaluates existing processes that meet the current goals.

We can design and develop products, tool and manufacture and set up a dedicated supply chain to meet our clients requirements


We offer a total solution approach to your assembly needs from low volume to very high volume offshore capabilities.

Why Choose Us

Our name would have come up at the top in your list, in your search for a good design, engineering and manufacturing company. You would have looked up our site, read about us and liked what you learnt. When you have come this far in your decision making strategy, it does not take too long to become an Implantaire convert, for the following reasons.

We are creative

Our creative and customized solutions are the differentiator between us and the competition. Innovation, invention and the enthusiasm to learn is a way of life. We bring new solutions for challenging problems, find new opportunities, nurture creativity for the future and ask questions before customers do.

Whom We Work For
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