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Using the best of technology and research+development to bring the food close to your doorstep.

Simple and yet smart enough locking system designed to take care of your anxiety of leaving the door unlocked.

A simple toy brings parents closer to their child.

Electronic gauge for the hydration bladders, helping the cyclist mountaineers stay information on water consumption and availability.

An accurate, compact and cost-effective mass flow computing solution, also future-ready.

An intelligent multipurpose dust and fumes extraction system, saves the energy costs in excess of 40%

A complete reengineering of the signal processing approach by replacing hardware controls with software.

The system designed to have a high level of immunity to electrical noise which can cause other timer switches to malfunction.

A well-defined and engineered solution to tackle the issue relating to warranty management of the products.

The device is deigned to with the  interfaces such as RF, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and GPRS for the connectivity to cloud