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Mass Flow Meter
Enclosure design for mass flow meter

For mass flow computer, the accuracy and intelligence play an important role. To compete with other key players in the market, the client needed an accurate, compact and cost effective solution for their mass flow meter computer line.


The brief was to replace old computers that were bulky, expensive and loaded with royalty based computing software including the challenge to meet the intrinsic safety requirements of the Oil & Gas industry.

Cost effective solution for mass flow meter

The product is designed with the requirement of remote installation in oil fields, refineries, where once installed there would be minimal human access. Thus a maintenance-free design and ability to be upgraded remotely.


With the system hardware revamped, the onboard software solution was designed from the scratch in order to avoid royalty-based third-party software, the new software also encompassed critical signal processing, analysis for providing accurate flow measurement and computing. The design also considered stringent safety requirements in the smallest footprint.

Device designed for oil fields, refineries providing accurate flow measurement and computing
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