Vision, Mission and Values

  • We are a part of the world which is changing faster than ever. We have witnessed the passing of the last 15 years which has completely changed the world as we understand it. Technology and products and the way we have interacted with them have undergone a paradigm shift. There is a larger part of the human population which has been left untouched with this advancement. The major responsibility of the corporations and government worldwide is to spread good design technology, in order to bring the world together and diminish the digital divide


    Our vision is to be a design house offering designs that shape the future and change the way people perceive and interact with products.

  • Mission Statement
    • Our mission serves as the framework for achieving our vision
    • To be one of the top 50 design houses
    • To create 2 products every year that will make a difference to people’s lives
    • To create 1 product every year that will reduce our carbon footprints
    • To create 1 open design that can be used by the masses
  • Values

    Our values have stood the test of time. A decision to associate with Implantaire is life altering many a time. Our values help us in our journey towards envisioning our business success. They are a guiding force in the way we do business and interact with our employees, partners and clients.

    • Leadership
    • Ownership
    • Integrity
    • Passion
    • Quality
    • Open mind
    • Humility
    • Honesty