System design is an integral part of any electronic product, consisting of system software design, hardware design, and application development in parallel with the industrial design.


System software design requires specialized skills and innovative approach. Our team possess extensive knowledge of hardware, operating system, low-level diagnostic and performance tools, giving us an edge over competition.

Implantaire’s embedded software team has substantial experience in BSP development for Single Board Computer (SBC), OEMs, as well as custom hardware implementations. Our experience includes working with microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSPs and FPGA.

Implantaire system software systems services include

  • Firmware design & development>
  • Development of board support packages and device drivers for various reference designs or new BSPs for new processors/boards
  • RTOS based design for critical systems
  • Development and customisation of various protocols and wired/wireless stacks

Our embedded expertise covers application development and optimization over a wide range of platforms. Competencies in processor dependent assembly level optimization of code and real-time multi-threaded application development allows us to optimize software against speed/ memory limitations and real time performance requirements for wide range of products used in areas of networking & communication, digital media and wireless.


Firmware design & development for digital microprocessor-controlled systems/solutions (MPU), system-on-chip (SoC), digital signal processors (DSP) and microcontrollers (MCU). Usage of embedded operating systems (Linux, WinCE), schedulers and real-time OSes (eCos, FreeRTOS, ThreadX and custom RTOS). Software porting from 8-bit/16-bit controllers to 32-bit microprocessors.Implementation of digital signal processing algorithms for digital signal processors.


Implantaire experience in designing hand-held devices has helped in the development of GUI’s for various embedded systems. These libraries are used to develop a Graphical User Interface for normal LCD displays and touch screen interfaces. The operating Systems used include VxWorks, QNX, Nucleus, WinCE, PocketPC and Embedded Linux. Implantaire develops custom embedded software for a wide range of microprocessors, systems-on-chip (SoC), digital signal processors (DSP) and microcontrollers (MCU). Our engineering experience includes but not limited to ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, XScale, Sheeva, Cortex-M3, Cortex-A8, x86, Intel Atom, MIPS, PowerPC, TMS320, Blackfin, AVR, AVR32, MSP430. The company focuses on embedded software design for Linux-based portable and mobile devices.

Development of board support packages and device drivers for various reference designs or new BSPs for new processors/boards

Preparation of board support packages (BSP), including initial bootloaders (U-Boot, RedBoot, EBOOT), device drivers, protocol stacks, system interfaces (PCI/ISA/LPC, I2C/SPI/SSP, Ethernet, LCD STN/TFT, USB, Wireless USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee), memory (NOR/NAND/Dataflash Flash, CF/MMC/SD, FRAM/NVRAM/SRAM, EEPROM, DDR/DDR2/SDRAM), on-board diagnostic tests, file system images, scripts to build a distribution. Buildroot, Openembedded build-system customizations. OS Linux distributions for various microprocessor architectures (ARM, XScale, x86, MIPS, PowerPC) and for industrial computers (CompactPCI, PC104/PC104-plus). Distribution optimization for custom solutions: multimedia systems, data storage systems, server routers of the wireless network. Porting popular Embedded Linux frameworks to a custom hardware We provide Embedded Linux framework porting services to a custom hardware. These are include but not limited to sophisticated software stacks like QT/embedded, Maemo, Google Android, Gnome Mobile and Openmoko.

RTOS based designS

Real Time Operating systems (RTOS) playing a major role in our everyday lives in a more significant manner. RTOS based designs are now used in our daily life, right from the automotive to medical applications.

Implantaire’s team can customise the RTOS to suit the requirements of the customers from the field of automotive, medical, space and defense systems.

Development and customisation of various protocols and wired/wireless stacks

Our team has vast experience of working and development of various customised protocols on both wired and wireless medium.

We have experience of development and customisation of various wired and wireless protocol stacks, not limited to WiFi Bluetooth Zigbee TCP/IP Gateway CAN HART ProfiBus Foundation FieldBus ModBus RS232/485 Serial