About us

We are a design firm with an international presence. At Implantaire, we incubate, nurture and manage ideas and bring life to them. What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to offer top-class quality,deploy the latest outsourcing technology, a high quality engineering talent and substantial cost advantages.

Our teams focus strongly on carefully understanding the nuances of client needs and develop innovative practices to offer continuous value addition at every level. Technologically superior products that provide speed-to-market advantages is the edge that we provide to our clients. By providing legacy product lines, we encourage them to focus on their product innovation.

Though we are a niche design firm, we have a wide gamut of customers, from Automation to Automotive, from Oil and Gas to Networking and Communications.

Our goal is to deliver world-class services and this thinking is backed by our Quality Certifications like ISO 9001:2000 & Carnegie Mellon SEI CMMi Level 3. Striking a balance between superior technology and strong people operations, we continue to offer design concepts and ideas to our clients, that helps build a lifelong relationship with them.

By the way, our clients love our design solutions!